• Dual Magnesium Oil Deodorant for Women 100ml

    • $29.95

    At long last our beautiful Dual Deodorant for Women is here, offering the benefits of magnesium oil transdermal spray, and fragrant with organic floral essential oils.  A lovely deodorant to wear at bedtime for its sensual fragrance, effective elimination of body odour, aid in support of restful sleep and further recognised health benefits.

    Magnesium oil is known for the following benefits:

    • Increases energy by greater production of atp (adenosine triphosphate) in cells
    • Relaxes muscles / reduces muscle tension
    • Boosts vitality, endurance, and strength
    • Improves cardiovascular / heart health (relaxes cardiac muscle)
    • Relieves pain, including chronic pain
    • Ideal for arthritis / fibromyalgia / joint pain
    • Improves health of skin and mucous membranes
    • Eases headaches and migraine headaches
    • In sports medicine — replenishes mg levels for energy(combats fatigue, and soothes pain and sore muscles)
    • Total body tonic — revitalizes and rejuvenates body (provides rapidly absorbed mg to restore levels needed for optimal cell physiology and function)
    • Improves mood and reduces stress
    • Increases memory and cognitive functions
    • Boosts immune system
    • Improves assimilation of calcium / builds stronger bones
    • balances calcium and magnesium levels in cells
    • Proven antimicrobial and antiseptic
    • Raises dhea (dehydroepiandrosterone) levels naturally
    • Eases menopause and premenstrual syndrome (pms)
    • Supports healthy libido (and endocrine system)
    • Anti-aging, rejuvenating, revitalizing
    • Keeps cell membranes flexible
    • Controls cholesterol production and prevents overproduction of cholesterol in the body
    • Regulates blood sugar levels / needed for insulin production, transport, and function in cells
    • Supports antioxidant systems
    • And magnesium does a lot more for health! (source: transdermal magnesium therapy, 2011)












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